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Spice It Up

I'm sitting here reflecting from a meeting with a client today. She was referred to us by a colleague to help with marketing and re-branding. I love working with clients that want to re-brand because they realize a change is needed to grow their business.

Client attraction is very strategic process. You have to be in touch with your target audience and latest trends to remain relevant. Some of you may not agree with me because most believe that as long as we have a great product/presentation clients will come. I disagree. Jason Parks, VIP Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, made this statement "If you own your own business and ask an employee for their advice, they will likely agree with you because it’s the easy thing to do. Get out of your office or home where you typically work and go to a coffee shop. Ask three random people what they think of your new logo or promotional flyer. They will provide a fresh perspective that is well worth the $4.65 Cinnamon Dolce latte." Why? Because your target audience is always changing. You have to change too. So with that being said, you need to look for unconventional ways to market your business. For example, if you have a coffee shop - don't just sell coffee and sweet treats. Start a poetry slam one night a month, create a meeting space for people to use for book club or social meetings. Here's another great idea, how about partnering with another business that compliments your coffee shop and start offering catering services. Create finger food platters that goes with your coffee/tea/latte. You can expand your market reach by taking your business beyond your location.

Don't be afraid to spice it up! If you need someone from our strategy team to help you with marketing strategies, inbox me at or go to to schedule a strategy call.

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