How Do They Not Know

Earlier in my career as an entrepreneur, I spent many hours working on my business plan. I wanted to make sure that all the proper pieces of my business was in place. My clientele grew slowly and sometime there was a lot of space in between requests for service. I really couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. My clients would tell me how much they loved my work and thanked me for being reasonably priced. Well I couldn't understand if I was doing such a great job....why didn't I have more client.

Then one day a client asked me what other services do I offer. Which I thought was so strange....why don't you know my services. Haven't you visited my website? I have a list of services and packages. That day was an eye opener for me. I spent time building the business but I did a horrible job marketing my business. I failed to present my expertise or niche to my target audience.

As a solo entrepreneur, we have to juggle marketing, social media, product expansion, accounting, and all the other day to day task of business. I have several tips that helped me reposition myself in the market.

  • Know Your Market - If you provide a service as a graphic designer. You need to know what the business of graphic designing inside out. What are the latest design trends, what tools are designers using...etc. Knowing what expectations clients want in your market will be key for you to make sure you're providing quality services.

  • What Make Your Offer the Best - There are tons of companies that offer the same services that your company offer. How are you going to make sure you stand out in the crowd. Discover the problem that your business will solve that is different that your competitors. If you're a graphic designer, offer an additional convenience service for minimal or no additional charges; will make client turn to your instead of the big brand name. Providing exceptional customer service is still a big, no matter what type of business you're in.

  • Think Out The Box Marketing - Don't get stuck with traditional advertising like ads in the local newspaper, mailers or media commercial. Connect wit